The Telangana State Institute of Rural Development (TSIRD) , located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, has been working relentlessly in building capacities for sustainable development of the rural poor for over 62 years now.

It is the Apex Training Institute in Telangana for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development. It caters Capacity Building Programmes for 1.04 Lakhs Panchayat Raj Elected Representatives, Functionaries and for around 50,000 Officials of Rural Development. The Institute also extends its capacity building services to various other government departments. The main core functions are Capacity Building, Research and Consultancy Services.

The Evolution of TSIRD

Training Infrastructure

TSIRD has two Extension Training Centres located at Rajendranagar (Rangareddy district) and Hasanparthy (Warangal district). The total State, District, Mandal and Village Training Infrastructure is shown below.


Capacity building of rural development officers and panchayat raj officers (rural administration) officers and functionaries forms the most strategic aspect in mobilising all the schemes, policies and plans of the government and other organisation for rural development, as these officials are at the grassroots, working directly with the rural communities and are the key players in delivering the planned services and benefits to the rural poor. The competence of these officers is directly related to the successful implementation of development plans. TSIRD thus acts as an enabler in successful implementation of rural development schemes and projects. It trains and builds competency in the rural administration and development officers to efficiently deliver service to the people and also creates awareness among the people about the services available

The institute caters to the capacity building requirements of around 2.61 lakh elected representatives of Panchayat Raj (Rural Administration) institutions and around 50 thousand officials from rural development department. It also extends its service to various other government departments.

Systematic Approach Training (SAT)

We adopt complete "Systematic Approach Training" for imparting trainings to our clientele groups

  • Analysis of tasks to be performed by the functionary
  • Specification of Required K.S.A.
  • Assessment of training requirements
  • Statement of Training Needs
  • Course Design (Syllabus, Analysis &Synthesis of content, Methodology, Detailed Session Plans, Visual aids, films, Handbooks, checklist, reading material etc)
  • Piloting of the Modules
  • Modification of draft training modules
  • Implement & Monitoring of training programs
  • Evaluation of Training
  • Improving the training modules based on evaluation feedback and the evolving requirements

Training for capacity building is imparted through both Direct Mode and Cascading modes.

Direct Training Programs on-campus training programs that are arranged for all key functionaries at TSIRD, at our 2 Extension Training Centres and at district levels.

Cascading Mode of Training is adopted for bigger groups like Ward Members and other grass root level functionaries. Suitable trainers are identified, who may be NGO workers, Retired Officials, former members rural development departments. These Trainers are subjected to rigorous training at TSIRD in using Participatory methodologies for training the elected representatives, and they inurn reach out the participants and train them

TSIRD has also adopted Distance Mode of Training through centrally located studio (located at Hyderabad) using Ku band Satellite transmission facility to reach Village Level Functionaries of various departments. This approach helps us cover huge groups of targeted participants and also enhance the training experience.


To transform this Academy as a Centre of Excellence in Panchayat Raj & Rural Development and emerge as an Institute of International repute.


  • To build the capacities of PR&RD Functionaries to achieve sustainable development
  • To evolve Institution of Local Self Government through systematic training.
  • To consistently focus on research, evaluation and consulting services to create enablers for rural development.
  • To undertake research, evaluation and consulting services.
  • To offer various educational courses for those who want to pursue career in the field of RD.


A continuous process of research and innovation is a key element of TSIRD's strategy. We have the expertise in identifying and developing pro-poor technologies to fill these gaps and disseminating them through appropriate channels.

The insights drawn from our research activities are sourced into our capacity building, consulting and educational services for greater impact, increased efficiency and greater relevance of these services. The research outcomes and findings gives us a firsthand understanding of the real problems and opportunities in rural regions and help us improve our training programs, focus our consulting services on the most strategic aspects, and evolve our educational course.

Consultancy Services

Drawing insights from our research studies on the complete gamut of issues related to rural development, leveraging our indepth understanding of rural problems and opportunities, and harnessing our extensive experience working with rural communities, we at TSIRD provide high quality development consulting and project management services for rural development.

With a consistent focus on community based and sustainable rural development, we work in all regions of Andhra Pradesh reaching out to the poorest and hard to reach communities, managing projects in sectors that include community development, natural resource management, environment and disaster management, women empowerment and children development, land administration, and social empowerment and equity.

These initiatives respond to the needs, priorities, opportunities and constraints identified by poor rural people.

Our clients are bilateral and multi-lateral development agencies, including UNICEF, UNDP, Care International, various Governments organisations, Ministry of Rural Development, and others. We support many organizations as think tanks, consulting them with strategic inputs in the above areas for development of the rural poor.

Our Consulting Services team includes specialists in project management and financial analysis and technical specialists in areas including Agriculture and Rural Development, Community Development, Water & Sanitation, Health, land administration, environment and disaster management, Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening.

Our rural development consulting services involve project evaluation, impact analysis, public policy analysis, regional forecasting and planning, survey research, statistical analysis, modeling and simulation, and development.


Telangana State Institute of Rural Development (TSIRD) is a non-profit organization founded with an objective to support the underserved rural communities by facilitating their development in a collaborative and sustainable manner. We focus on the needs of all the rural regions of Andhra Pradesh, India. If you share our vision and wish to give a better quality of life to the rural poor, please support us.

Our mission is to partner with corporations, philanthropists, activists, volunteers, and institutions, to create sustainable solutions for social justice, health equity, environmental sustainability, and economic growth of the rural poor. Please join us in our mission.

Capacity Building Services:

A time tested multi-pronged approach is being adopted by TSIRD for several years, to reach the huge target of 2.61 Lakh elected representatives. Training is imparted through both Direct Mode and through Cascading modes

Distance Mode of Training through centrally located studio (located at Hyderabad) using Ku band Satellite transmission facility is being adopted to reach Village Level Functionaries of various departments. This approach helps us cover huge groups of targeted participants and also reduces costs.

Direct Training Programs are arranged for all key functionaries at TSIRD, 2 Extension Training Centres and at district levels. Direct training is imparted for a period of 3 to 6 days at TSIRD and ETCs.

Cascading Mode of Training is adopted for bigger groups like Ward Members and other grass root level functionaries. A system of identifying suitable trainers, who can handle training sessions are selected from NGOs, Retired Officials, former members of Mandal Parishad Presidents and other Panchayat Raj staff. These Trainers are subjected to rigorous training at TSIRD in using Participatory methodologies for training the elected representatives. Cascading Mode of training is imparted for a period of 2 to 3 days at mandal head quarters, where batches of 35-40 functionaries are organised.

All our training programs are driven by the requirements of the people (rural poor) who have to be ultimately benefited.

Research and Consulting Services:

These initiatives respond to the needs, priorities, opportunities and constraints identified by poor rural people. Our research and consulting projects begin with an focus to understand requirements of the rural people and strive to achieve sustainable solutions to transform their lives. Our approach is to work at the grass root level keeping the rural poor people at the centre of all development plans and activities.

Education Services:

The approach adopted in our educational services is to focus on imparting skills that actively engage students in all aspects of the selected rural development domain developing competence to design and implement sustainable projects with effective tools and methods. The training is complimented with live project work that help students get on-the-ground experience understanding of the real issues of rural development.

Key People

Sri Sandeep Kumar Sultania I.A.S

Secretary to Government,PR&RD and Chief Executive Officer TSIRD

Er.B.Narendranath Rao

Joint Director (Trainings.), and Center Head IT&eG

Sri.E.Anil Kumar

Joint Director(RD/Co-op), DD (Accounts ) & Center Head CNRM, CWS, CMRI, CSAT&A,

Sri.K.Anil Kumar

Administrative Officer, Joint Secretary CDS and Joint Director (Admn.) I/C

Sri.Jayapala Reddy

Centre Head RD&T (Training Cell)

Sri.Srikanth Reddy

Centre Head (CDP&A) & CMED


Centre Head CWCD and CSJ&VA

Organization Structure

Our Associations

Our Associations

United Nations Development Programme

National Institute of Rural Development

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

National Institute of Disaster Management

Agriculture Finance Corporation

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Council for Social Development

Dr. Marri Channa Reddy Human Resource Development Institute of Andhra Pradesh

Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development

Osmania University

Institute of Co-operative Management

Centre for Economic and Social Studies

AP State State AIDS Control Society

Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture

Centre for World Solidarity
  • TISS
  • Centre for Good Governance
  • National Informatics Centre
  • Institute of Rural Studies, Guntur
  • Extension Education Centre, Hyderabad
  • Water and Land Management Training Institute, Hyderabad
  • Agricultural Training Institute, Malakpet, Hyderabad
  • Andhra Pradesh Mahila Samata Society, Hyderabad
  • Andhra Pradesh Mahila Abhivriddi Samakhya, Hyderabad
  • Action For Food Production, Hyderabad

TSIRD brings multi-disciplinary integrated educational courses in Rural development, which are designed drawing insights from our extensive experience of over 54 years in handling varied issues related to rural development.

The aim of all our courses is to develop a critical appreciation of the concept of sustainable development in the rural environment and an understanding of related social sciences. The courses also seek to develop a knowledge and understanding of rural policy making and management approaches to promoting more sustainable rural environments and lifestyles.

A core component of TSIRD courses is comprehensive and ongoing hands-on training. Our approach helps students/participants become well-rounded, development-minded individuals who understand grassroots community development and capacity building, with skills to design and implement sustainable projects with effective tools and methods.

Certificate Course in Rural Development and Decentralised Planning

Telangana State Institute of Rural Development (TSIRD), GoAP in collaboration with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, jointly announce a certificate course on ‘Rural Development and Decentralised Planning’. The course is designed for a) Mandal level officials involved in development initiatives, b) NGO functionaries engaged in rural development programmes, c) Any graduate who intends to take up career with agencies engaged in rural development and d) Any one including elected representatives interested in development, Governance and planning in Panchayati Raj Institutions are welcome.

Super-scribed with "Application for CRDDP December 2012" on the envelope. In service candidates shall forward their applications through proper channel. The applications should reach on or before 04 January 2012. The course will commence in the 2nd week of February 2012. The coordinators for the course are Prof Sri B.Seshadri, Head, CDPA, TSIRD (r.sunare[at]gmail[dot]com) and Mr.P.Narender Babu,Associate Professor, TISS Hyderabad (narendrap[at]tiss[dot]edu)
Tel: 040-24015959, Fax: 040-24017005


  • Courses designed by an organization that has been working in rural development from over 54 years
  • Research driven insights
  • Expert Faculty and Consultants backed with extensive experience in all aspects of Rural Development.
  • Tie-ups with renowned Educational Institutes and Universities
  • A holistic approach to education - Student centred, competency-based, demand driven, and cooperative learning systems
  • Project work that offers on the ground project development experience, providing students with the skills necessary to effectively engage in development
  • Students get an opportunity to participate in various state level, national and international level seminars and guest lectures organized for officers and delegates

TSIRD offers a host of world-class facilities to students that include...

  • Highly advanced training centres
  • State-of-the-art computer facility
  • Extensive library with a comprehensive collection of books, journals and magazines on all issues related to rural development
  • Comfortable accommodation facilities
  • World-class Auditorium
  • Canteen
  • Recreation Facilities like Gym, Table Tennis Room, and outdoor Sports court


All courses involve lectures, tutorials, seminars and project work, although the relevant balance varies as you progress through the course. Each course will have reading resources which you are encouraged to pursue in your own time to further your understanding of taught material. In addition to these courses you are also encouraged to participate in various seminars and guest lectures that are regularly conducted TSIRD involving participation from all level of rural development officials and the expert consultants from different domains.

Our approach to improve education and training systems is shaped by our extensive experience. Student centred, competency-based, learning systems have proved to deliver skills and qualifications relevant to the work processes and employment markets the needs of the individuals as well as the work places, and ultimately the society as a whole.