Centre for Decentralised Planning and Administration (CDP&A)

The Centre for Decentralised Planning and Administration (CDP&A) was created in the year 1994 and initiated its activities in the year 1998. This Centre caters to the training to elected representatives and PR & RD official functionaries in the post 73rd Constitutional Amendment Era. The centre organises training programmes in TSIRD campus and in Extension Training Centres located in two regions. The CDP&A oversees the man power requirements in ETCs and undertakes the Capacity Building Needs of ETC Faculty. The Centre extends technical support to District Planning Committees in preparing integrated District Development Plans. The centre follows multi-pronged approach to reach the gigantic targets through Direct trainings, Satellite Based (TSAT) Trainings, ToT (Training of Trainers) mode. It also facilitates the convergence of various initiatives by line departments to meet the objectives of local self-governance for sustainable rural development.

The Objectives

  • To Design and implement the Capacity Building training Programmes for Elected Representatives and Official functionaries of PRIs to evolve as Institutions of local self governments
  • To act as a think tank for Panchayat Raj Department
  • To undertake action research and evaluation studies on various issues related to PRIs
  • To form Networks of Panchayats
  • To Establish collaborative arrangements with NGO networks working with PRIs


  • The Centre mainly focuses on Designing Training Programmes that will aid to enhance the knowledge and skill sets required to improve the performance of functionaries of PRIs through Systematic Approach to Training in awarance with the national capacity building framework
  • The Centre strives to Develop Master Resource Persons, Training of Trainers in various aspects related to PR
  • The centre primarily organises trainings to Critical Functionaries at State, District and Mandal Levels and encourages ETCs to cover the Critical Functionaries at Grampanchayat level, as well as P.R.E.R


  • Organising Training Needs Assessment and Writeshop Workshop
  • Organising Capacity Building Training Programmes covering wide range of Participants including Chair Persons of ZP/ DPC Members/ ZPTCs/ MPPs/ MPTCs/Sarpanches/Ward Members/ CEOs/ DPOs/ MPDOs/ DLPOs/ MPOs/ Panchayat Secretaries and Ministerial Staff.
  • Preparation of Functional Manuals for various PRI functionaries.
  • Preparation of Functional Manuals for various PRI functionaries.
  • Conducting Short and Long-term Courses in the field of Panchayat Raj and Decentralised Planning for in-service officers and open candidates
  • Organising Induction training programmes to DPOs/MPDOs/MPOs/Panchayat Secretary. Secretaries
  • Organisng Exclusive Capacity Building Programmes to Elected Representatives belonging to marginalised sections such as SCs/STs/Women
  • Conducting Post training Knowledge-sharing/dissemination workshops organize
  • Organising Policy support workshops-Activity mapping etc.,
  • Arranging Visits to beacon Panchayats
  • Organising Workshops/Seminars for continuous interaction with academic circles and field level officers Coordinating the training activities of ETCs
  • Extension of technical Support to District Planning Committees in preparation of Integrated District Plans & Gram Panchayat Development Plan at GP level
  • Establishing and Coordinating the activities of Training cells in all the Zilla Parishads Establishing Panchayat Resource Centres in intermediate Panchayats and providing necessary technical support.
  • Organising Orientation Training on Panchayat Raj for NGOs.
  • Exposure visit to E.R & Functionaries

Capacity Building and Training for the year 2018-19

The Capacity Building programme for about two lakhs above of PRI elected representatives and functionaries and officials of the various sector and line departments is very huge task. The CDPA at TSIRD, Rajendranagar has been handling the Zilla Parishad elected representatives, the DPCs and the Mandal Praja Parishad Presidents District Officials and special programmes to elected representatives.

The hostel accommodation, the training infra-structure, the faculty and physical accommodation is adequate.

The activities are, conducting TNA, preparing the training modules and reading/learning material for the participants, training the Master Trainers (MoTs) and Trainers of Trainees (ToTs) and conducting face to face training programme for DPC, Zilla Parishad chairpersons, Mandal Parishad Presidents, sector and line departments officers.

The centre has adopted the cascading mode training in which it involves organizing training programme at the District, Mandal and at the ETC level through face to face training.

The centre also conducts the Distance Mode training programme through the SOFTNET (oneway video, two way audio)with trainees at village level The required films produced in-house by TSIRD in collaboration with Media Center which are used for all the trainings for in campus and off campus and both SATCOM and for Doordarshan Broadcast programmes.

The TSIRD, Rajendranagar houses the Centre for Decentralized Planning and Administration along with eleven other centers. The CDPA is also been responsible for organizing the field visit based training programme. The centre has also conducting exposure cum Study tours to the elected representatives and functionaries of the PRIs within and outside the state viz., Kerala, Karnataka, Maharastra, Tamilnadu.

There are several initiatives like the Gram Sabha campaign and GPDP in Grama Jyothi which were under taken by the CDPA, TSIRD.

With the introduction of the RGPSA/RGSA which emphasizes setting up State Panchayat Raj Resource Centre, District Panchayat Resource Centre, the CDPA can now be strengthened in terms of an independent accommodation with capacity to accommodate 2 faculty members, 2 Senior Resource Persons, 2 support staff with IT enabled infrastructure.

  • Implementing the Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (RGSA)
  • Expenditure under RGSA

    Sl.No. Year Budget Unspent balance of previous years in Crs Interest and other If any in Crs Total grant available Expenditure incurred in Cr No. of Trainings Organized Total No. of Participants Attended Total
    Sanctioned in Cr Released in Cr in Crs In Campus Off Campus In Campus Off Campus
    1 2016-17 36.75 43.37 27.1 4.55 75.02 29.55 127 3486 3613 6362 174316 180678
    2 2017-18 61.94 16.84 45.47 4.55 66.86 19.75 90 5067 5157 4504 253364 257868
    3 2018-19 66.75 NIL 47.11 2.88 49.99 19.329 66 3877 3943 3251 193875 197126
    4 2019-20 175.18 NIL 30.66 1.17 31.83 30.38 61 251 312 3083 12564 15647
    5 2019-20 (Supplementary) 104.34 NIL
    Total 444.96 60.21 13.15 99.01 344 12681 13025 17200 634119 651319

    Other Programmes

    Year Name of the Programme No of Participants Expenditure Type of Programme State from which
    2018-19 Exposure visit of Women ZPTC members from Yavatamal district Maharashtra State 25 195381 Exposure cum Study Tour Maharastra
    2018-19 Telangana State Finance Commission – Workshop for Recommendations to Government on Devolution of funds - To explain the context of questionnaire 76 41310 Refresher TSFC-Telangana
    2018-19 Study cum Exposure visit of PRI Elected Representatives of Chhattisgarh 33 378489 Exposure cum Study Tour Chhattisgarh
    2018-19 Study cum Exposure visit of PRI Elected Representatives of Chhattisgarh 25 287786 Exposure cum Study Tour Chhattisgarh
    2018-19 Certification (Orientation & Assessment) Programme of State Level Master Resource Persons 37 233204 Orientation NIRDPR
    2018-19 Certification (Orientation & Assessment) Programme of State Level Master Resource Persons 34 230616 Orientation NIRDPR
    2018-19 Study cum Exposure visit of PRI Elected Representatives of Chhattisgarh 37 416792 Exposure cum Study Tour Chhattisgarh
    2018-19 Study cum Exposure visit of PRI Elected Representatives of Chhattisgarh 27 318605 Exposure cum Study Tour Chhattisgarh
    2018-19 Generating Own Source of Revenue for Fiscal Autonomy and Strengthening of GPs 22 55265 Refresher NIRDPR
    2018-19 Training Programme to Returning Officers and Asst Returning Officers 234 57490 Refresher Telangana
    2018-19 Training Programme to Returning Officers and Asst Returning Officers 331 58415 Refresher Telangana
    2019-20 TSFC - Meeting with the selected Sarpanches 131 95763 Refresher Telangana
    2019-20 Exposure visit of Block Panchayat Presidents and Vice Presidents from Kannur district, Kerala state to TSIRD 23 196290 Exposure cum Study Tour Kerala

    SRI.G.Venkata Surya Rao

    Centre Head CDP&A
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    Sr.Resource Person
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    Sr.Resource Person
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    Senior Office Assistant
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    DTP Operator
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