Centre for Women and Child Development (CW&CD)

The Centre for Women and Child Development was created in 1998 for conducting need based Capacity Building Programs on Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Gender Budgeting, Legal Awareness on Women & Child Rights, Health and Nutritional Care of Women and Children etc for the functionaries Panchayath Raj and Rural Development Department, Elected Representatives of Panchayat Raj Institutions, VOs, NGOs and SHG Women.


  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of the Panchayat Raj Functionaries on the handling Gender related issues
  • To create legal awareness on the Women and Child rights and Protection children and welfare schemes and programs among the Elected Women Representative of PRIs.
  • To improve the skills of the SHG women and NGO Representative to work on violence against women, child abuse, Human Trafficking etc.


  • Organizing Capacity Building Programs for the PR&RD functionaries on Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Gender Responsive Governance, Gender Budgeting, SHG-PRI convergence, etc.
  • Organizing Training programs to Elected Women Representatives (EWRs) of PRIs on Protection of Women Rights & Child Rights, Legal Awareness & other Gender issues.
  • Organizing training Programs for Social Action Committee (SAC) Members in the areas of Gender, Protection of Women & Child Rights and Legal Awareness.
  • Supporting in develop the training materials on Gender, Gender & Child Friendly GPs and SHG &PRI convergence for CDP&A.
  • Maintenance of “Blooms Creche” for the children of TSIRD employees and children of participants.
  • Initiated “Internal Compliance Committee” to provide secure environment to the women employees, Participants at TSIRD premises.

On Going Activities

  • Gender Responsive Governance: In collaboration with NIRDPR organizing Capacity Building programs on Gender Responsive Governance for the PR functionaries.
  • Gender Budgeting: In collaboration with MoWCD, New Delhi organizing Training programs to the functionaries of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development on Gender Budgeting.
  • Child Centric Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR): With the support of NIDM, South campus planning to Organize Training programs on CCDRR to the officials of Line Departments and NGO representatives.
  • Legal Awareness: organizing Legal awareness programs to the Women Elected Representatives and SHG women with the support of NIRDPR and RGSA.
  • Orientation programs: orientation programs to the Sarpanches on causes and consequences of Child Marriages and role of Gram Panchayat’s in prevention of Child Marriages in the villages and Urban Slums.
  • Blooms Creche (Sept, 2009): A crèche is maintaining under CWCD for taken care of the children working in TSIRD and children of the participants. And also the Crèche facility is utilizing by the women working in the surrounding institutions.
  • Nodal Centre: The TSIRD is also designated as Nodal Centre for the Gender Budging for the state of Telangana by the Department of Women and child Development and senior citizens, Government of Telangana.


Then is envisaged as an instrument to take care of all training needs of the state level stakeholders and provide necessary inputs on the concepts related to Gender and Gender Budgeting to institutionalize gender sensitive planning and budgeting for the holistic empowerment of women

  1. Conduct training program of Officers from state government, departments and other entitles at the Dist. level and below and Gender Budgeting
  2. Conduct Sector specific training program with specialized inputs e.g in Health, Education Violence against Women, infrastructure, science and technology, legislation etc using the Gender Budgeting tool./
  3. Conduct Research, Impact Analysis, Gender Audit on issues pertaining to Gender Budgeting.
  4. Information sharing and Networking with various Stakeholders in deepen the process.
  5. Documentation and Dissemination

Completed Activities:

  1. UN WOMEN Project (Phase-II): The CWCD has implemented the UN Women Project (Phase-II) from May,2016 to July, 2018 in two districts of Telangana i.e Adilabad and Mahaboob Nagar.
  2. Theme of the Project: Gender Responsive Governance Leading to Better Outcomes for Women Based on Improved Access to their Rights and Entitlements.

  3. The CWCD has implemented STRC Program (State Training and Resource Centre) of National AIDs Control Organization, New Delhi from june,2010 to April,2013 and trained 9825 staff of TI-NGOs working under APSACS on prevention of HIV/AIDS among the High Risk Groups.
  4. The CWCD has implemented CHETANA Project for strengthening the HIV/AIDS response at community level through SHGs and trained nearly 43,500 SHG women on issues related to HIV/AIDS.
  5. Training of Trainers (ToT) to one lakh AIDS prevention Activities (AASHA Phase-I)
  6. Refresher Training Program to Anganwadi Workers of ICDS working in Tribal Areas.
  7. Evaluation study on Quality on care of Family Planning surgeries in 23 district of united AP


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