Centre for Media and Publication (CM&P)

The Centre for Media and Publications has started functioning since September 2009. This Center is in-charge of the state-of-the art video facility at TSIRD. We have in place Hi-end digital video camera, coverage camera with lights, SLR camera for still photography and other equipment. We also have fully equipped edit suites with FCP X software with a team comprising a professional video camera person and a non linear editor looking after the in house and outdoor video production needs.

Sthanikapalana a monthly magazine is being published since February 2009. It is a 68 page multi - colour Telugu Monthly Magazine. It is an initiative under BRGF/RGSY action Plans and the entire expenditure was met from out of BRGF/RGSY programme funds up to December, 2016 and discontented

The focus of the magazine was to enhance the knowledge base of the elected representatives and official functionaries working with the PRIs. The magazine features the topics related to Panchayat Raj, Financial Management, Rural Development Programs, Disaster Management, Environment, Land and Poor women and Child welfare, Social Equity and Empowerment, Natural Resource Management and many such subjects. It also carries certain articles of general interest like short stories, cartoons etc.

The Circulation of the magazine was 27,000 copies every month before bifurcation of the state and 10,000 copies after bifurcation and it Reaches all the Sarpanches, MPPs, ZP Chairpersons, CEOs, District Collectors, HODs, Principal Secretaries, Hon’ble Ministers , CMO, MPs MLAs, MLCs and District Level Officers.

It is now proposed to bring out an on line Magazine in place of off line Magazine in Telugu accessible to number of readers not only from the state of Telangana but also from the entire county. For this purpose the centre is having qualified personal for collecting, compiling and designing the magazine. The centre also have the empanelled list of writers who are having vast field experience in Panchayat Raj , Rural Development and other Govt. Programmes.


  • Collect and compile information on Panchayat Raj and Rural Development issues available in different sources- News papers, Books and Journals, and field level reports
  • To act as a resource Centre and a clearing house of information on rural development in the state of Telangana and preserve various publications, research reports, and data apart from journals and other unpublished material
  • Catering to the information needs of various agencies working in Panchayat Raj and Rural Development
  • To produce Documentary /Short films on Success stories of Rural Development beacon Gram Panchayats, participatory planning, Government Development and Welfare programmes


  • Proposed to bring out an on line "StanikaPalana" monthly magazine in Telugu covering subjects relevant to Panchayat Raj and Rural Development in the state of Telangana
  • Collect the articles from the faculty, department concerned, field functionaries and other's for the Journal keeping in view of the new Panchayt Raj act.
  • Edit and design the Journals/Magazine
  • Bring out publications in the form of books, special stories on the issues relevant for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development
  • Produce films and documentaries for training programmes conducted by various Centres.
  • Coordinate with T.SAAT and oversee the telecast of films and transmission of live discussions through Mana TV - Rural Development channel.
  • Producing films and documentaries at in-house on the status various rural development programmes highlighting critical issues, like capacity building, devolution of powers to Panchayat Raj bodies, etc.
  • Offering documentary films making to other Govt. Institutions on payment basis

Our Team

S.No. Name Designation Phone No. eMail ID
1 SRI.S.VENKAESWAR RAO Centre Head CM&P +91 7331132026
2 M.PRADEEP KUMAR Research Associate +91 9948347042
3 MS SUPRIYA Non-linear Editor +91 8341392040


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