Centre for Management and Rural Infrastructure (CMRI)

CMRI is into the process of Capacity Building of the Engineering personnel of Panchayati Raj Engineering Department & Rural Development.

The Objectives

  • CMRI is into the process of Capacity Building of the Engineering personnel of Panchayati Raj Engineering Department & Rural Development.


  • To Conduct Training Need Analysis (TNA) is done on various requirements of Panchayati Rahj & Rural Development Departments.
  • To organize Training programs on the technical aspects for the Engineering Personnel on PR & RD Department..
  • Assist the Panchayat Raj Institutions on prospective planning and development

Key Activities

I. Proposed Training Activities
  • Induction Training to the AEs/AEEs of PRED, Telanagana State sponsored by NRRDA, GoI.
  • Workshop on development of modules on technical aspects of MGNREGS.
  • Trainings on Improvement of Quality in Execution of Works in MGNREGS.
  • Exposure Field Visits on Best Practices of MGNREGS in other states for the technical staff of MGNREGS.
  • Training to the PR Engineers on preparation of Details Project Reports (DPR.
  • Trainings to the PR Engineers on Survey and Investigation of Soil Materials and GIO Technologies.
  • Exposure Field Visit to PR Engineers on Best Engineering Practices in other States.
  • Training to the PR Engineers on Procurement of Services, Works and Contract Management.
  • Training on New Technology initiatives in Road Constructions and other Works for the PR & RD Functionaries.
  • Workshop on Development of Hand Book on Quality in Works Execution of PR&RD.
  • Training on Telangana Ku Haritha Haram to the Functionaries of PR&RD.
  • ToT on Engineering & other Technical aspects of Material Works in RD Dept.
  • Refresher Training on Engineering & other Technical aspects of Material Works taken up under MGNREGS.
  • Training for Technical staff of RD dept. on improvement of Ground Water & MI tanks.
  • Training on Preparation of Estimates for various MGNREGS works.
  • Training on GIS based planning in MGNREGS works Selected ECs & TAs.
II. Completed Training Activities:
  • Organized Training Programs on Improvement Quality in Works Execution for PR Engineers.
  • Organized Exposure Field Visit on Best Engineering Practices for PR Engineers in Tamilnadu State.
  • Organized Training Programs on Road Side Tree Plantation of PMGSY Roads for the Functionaries of PR&RD.
  • Organized Training on Out-reach Program to prospective Contractors of PMGSY Projects.
  • Organized Orientation Training Program to the State Quality Monitors of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States.
  • Facilitated to organize trainings on PMGSY,OMMAS by NRRDA, GoI, New Delhi.
  • Organized Training Program on Book-Keeping & Accountancy of IAY
  • Organized trainings on Planning & Monagement of PMGSY and IAY etc
  • Organized Training programs on Planning & Implimentation of PBGSY in AP and Telangana states
  • Facilitated to organize Venue based trainings on Spatial Data Creation of Panchayati Raj using Geo Spatial Technologies
  • Organized Networking programs with collaboration of NIRD on Planning &Implementation of PMGSY

Key Projects / Programmes Handled

Centre Head/CMRI designated as a Nodal Officer for effective implementation of Training Management Portal (TMP) & Direct benefit Transfer (DBT) through TMP for all the training activities in TSIRD.

Our Team

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1 Centre Head CMRI -
2 MR. S.K MUNWAR AHAMMED Jr.Resource Person +91 9290049750


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